Unique Selling Points

  1. Novel method allows single tube PCR detection of 20+ targets
  2. Addresses an installed base of over 50.000 instruments
  3. Proof-of-concept data available
  4. In line with increased market focus on multiplex (syndromic detection vs single agents
  5. Very long lived IP and freedom to operate
  6. More answers from single (scarce) sample (Sepsis, spinal fluid, biopsies etc.)
  7. Cost efficient and simpler lab procedure – lower overall costs per test
  8. Supports syndromic detection (vs. single agent tests)
  9. Option for proprietary position for key player
  10. Adaptable to most PCR instruments
  11. Upgrading of existing PCR-platforms to multiplex without altering hardware
  12. Insignificant additional reagent costs for converting existing 3-4 plex assays into one MeltPlex® assay
  13. Significant value for running one test versus multiplex assays